Breakfast with Borenius: Discussion on trade and tariffs

On 27th September FACC, in collaboration with Finnish law firm Borenius, hosted a breakfast meeting with the topic of “Market trends and considerations affecting Chinese buyers in the US and Finland”. We had great Keynotes covering different areas in China-US-Finland trade.

Veijo Komulainen from the Consulate General of Finland gave a comprehensive overlook to the macro effects of trade. He also gave an overlook to the possible consequences of a trade war. Veijo Komulainen commented the actual outcomes to Finnish companies as follows: “Over two thirds of world trade is currently in value chains; most products are a result of global cooperation. Finland as a high tech country is strongly tied up to global value chains. Any tariff placed on one party may hamper business in several countries. Global growth is expected to slow down already 2019 due to tariffs.”

Afterwards we had Seamus (Yonghua) Jiang, Steven Tseng and Yikun Shao from PwC discussing about the trade from their perspective and giving case examples. We also had Sha Wang from Borenius Attorneys discussing about the potential of Finland as a trade partner and the trade between Finland and China.

Thanks for our amazing speakers and for all guests!