Scaleup Evening

On 10th October FACC together with the Consulate General of Finland organized a scaleup themed event. Veijo Komulainen from the Consulate has written a book, which discusses the challenges of growing and the factors that make it possible. The book is called “Growth and Scaleup enablers for SMEs” and it has gotten very good feedback. In the scaleup evening, Veijo Komulainen and Justin Smithline from ERA (Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator) had a dialog covering the main findings of Veijo’s book.

Afterwards, there was a panel discussion with three scaleup companies. Mikko Luhtava from Vainu, Miika Kenttämies from Yousician and Antti Kosunen from Dooap shared their experiences of scaling up: what did it take, what were the main challenges and how did they tackle them.

The evening and the conversations after the program were very interesting! Thanks for all the speakers: Veijo Komulainen, Justin Smithline, Mikko Luhtava, Miika Kenttämies and Antti Kosunen. And of course thanks for all the guests as well!