Mr. Salvatore Provenzano serves as a primary contact person of Rand Insurance. Rand Insurance was founded in 1938 and it has grown alongside southwest Connecticut. The company has offices in Riverside and New Canaan, and is licensed in the over 35 States. Rand Insurance´s services cover custom-designed products for every personal or commercial insurance need and customized financial planning solutions, including Life and Health Insurance. For more information visit at:

Please find Provenzano´s introduction below. You can reach him at

Name: Salvatore Provenzano

Title: Business Development Director

Company: Rand Insurance Inc.

Member of FACC New York: since 2015

Years on the job: 8

Career: My first taste of business began when I helped my father and grandfather in their retail produce (green grocer) shop from the age of 10 years old until graduating college 12 years later. That experience was the foundation that taught me life’s #1 business lesson: Taking care of the customer, and providing that extra measure of product and service makes all the difference. From college I began a career in publishing and advertising that moved from print to digital. Eight years ago I had the opportunity to change course and begin my insurance career, and it was the best move I have ever made. I feel a strong connection with my clients as the protector of their hard earned business and personal assets.

Grew up: Eastchester, NY, which is a suburb within 12 miles of New York City.

Current home: Tuckahoe, NY…the next town over from Eastchester. I am a 33 minute train ride from Grand Central Station in Manhattan.

Moved into the U.S.: Lifelong US Citizen

Schools: Pace University- BBA/MBA Accounting; Manhattanville College - MS Integrated Marketing Communications

First job: Reuben H Donnelly/Dun and Bradstreet

Daily habit: Being Thankful

Favorite restaurant in NYC: Felidia 243 East 58th Street  tel: 212-758-1479

Favorite vacation spot: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Guilty pleasure: Too many to mention

Bucket list: Visit Holy Land

Family: Wife - Elaine, Son - John, Daughters - Sarah and Erin

Hobbies: Golf, Gardening, Music

Startling fact: I’m a Grateful Deadhead