Who I am: I am Tiina, a 25-year-old business student from Aalto University. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and currently participate in a dual Master’s Degree in International Management (CEMS) and Information and Service Management. My previous work experience includes sales, logistics and exporting. Currently I’m focusing on learning to work in the intersection of business and information technology. My interests include business intelligence, analytics, business development and international business. 

What I do at FACC: Analytics, business development, networking, sales.   

Why New York: I previously lived in the suburbs of New York, so NYC was a familiar choice to me. Afterwards, I have lived in Mikkeli, Helsinki, Hong Kong and traveled around South-East Asia. However, being back in New York feels amazing! It is a place that always has something new to offer. Besides, New York is one of the greatest cities in the world where you can constantly learn something new and meet interesting people. Moreover, this is a great place to build global competence. It’s a place where international working environment, competition and talent all prosper.   

What I have learned: I’m now halfway through my internship and I have already learned multiple things. I’ve managed to build websites with WordPress, construct dataanalytics and visualizations with Tableau, andto lead an international project team. Living abroad is also a great way to learn soft skills such as open-mindedness, adaptability, flexibility and dealing with uncertainty.  

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  Communications: Verna Vuoripuro Marketing: Lotte Lönnqvist Business Analyst: Emmi Kauppinen